Over 28 years of service

I am passionate about my photography work, whether it is a high school senior , a wedding party, you and your dog, horse(or other pet), or a child of any age.  My biggest reward in client based work is capturing that very instant of time that a person relaxes enough to show their “true colors”!

My years of experience with photography along with my patience with people, is what can separate an image from an AMAZING photograph.  I strive for that AMAZING photograph every time I go out for a photo shoot.

Back at the studio,  in the post production portion of the work, I am able to make certain images more striking with simple cropping,  a little color enhancements, or sometimes  a complete makeover with various filters and art styles.  This can be where an image can take on new meaning and feel.  I strive to make the image a piece of art, and to be enjoyed  for generations to come.  That’s what I think a superior image is, one that you want to see every day!  When you come to a professional photographer, you should expect more than a selfie from an IPhone…

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